The Njordun are a mortal race of the Maenus who were forged as great huntsman and woodsmen. Both male and female Njordun stand nearly 8 feet tall and weigh between 280 to over 350 pounds. They are the most physically powerful of the Maenus races but are also deeply introspective and observant. Njordun favor the Druid, Barbarian and Ranger classes.

Njordun are tall, lean and muscular. They usually have fair or reddish skin tones with blonde and red hair the most common. Yellow, silver and even purple are common eye colors. Njordun generally have longer faces with distinctive cheekbones and strong jaws. Their eyes are somewhat smaller proportionally than humans. Njordun with distant human ancestry may display a wider range of physical characteristics although these occurrences are rare.

Worshipers of the Aesir

Njordun were created by the Mercaedan house Aesir and worship many of its members as gods. In addition Njordun pay homage to the Wild Spirits that inhabit all things. Because of the Aesir’s ties to the Eyrie many Njordun also worship the pantheons of Nef. Njordun tend towards chaotic good or neutral good deities. Njordun do not generally believe in the rigidity and dogma required in the worship of lawful deities. Although rarely believers in evil deities, some Njordun will worship trickster deities or spirits.

Attuned to Nature

Njordun live in the deep forests near the ruins once inhabited by their Mercaedan masters. Njordun are very attuned to nature and strive to be a part of the forest and their environment rather than to control it like humans or dwarves. Njordun are often solitary and spend only a small portion of their lives around others. Njordun communites are general patchworks of individuals who just happen to be in the same place at the same time.

Njordun rarely keep more possessions than they can carry with them. Any permanent structures in Njordun communities are often inhabited by different individuals, who may not even know each other, throughout the year. Although Njordun are adventurous and enjoy trekking through unknown territory they also usually return to familiar places between these adventures usually around the same times each year. In doing so a Njordun village may have completely different populations depending on the season, month or even week.

Runic Speakers

Because of Njordun’s proximity to ancient Mercaedan ruins they tend to read and write in runic script. The runes are close to dwarvish script, who also gained their script from the Mercaedans, and Njordun writing often contains a mish-mash of dwarvish, gnomish and giant phrases. Different groups will usually favor one of the languages over the other and only know a few phrases or words of the others. Amongst themselves Njordun will usually speak this mish-mash language and only use the common tongue on the rare occasion of meeting with other races.


Quiet and solitary, Njordun are often considered unsociable. They have a deep understanding of the natural world and sense of wanderlust that makes them natural adventurers.
Ability Score Increase: +2 Str, -1 Cha, +2 Wis
Age: Mature at 18; Average Lifespan 180
Alignment: Tend towards chaotic or neutral; Usually good; Almost never lawful
Size: medium
Speed: 30ft
Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
Forest Dweller: You are proficient in Nature (Int) checks
Sure Footed: Your movement speed is not affected by difficult terrain
Language: Common and one of the following: Dwarvish, Gnomish or Giant

Random Height and Weight

Table: Random Height and Weight

Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
6’10" + 2d8 inches 220 pounds * 2d6 pounds


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