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In the swirling void of detritus a great she-beast formed. Yuulaarryy, the great she-beast was alone in the void. She grew a womb to create more like herself but the monstrous babes tore from her womb into her body and destroyed her. But Yuulaarryy was formed of the Immortal Flesh and the Immortal Flesh can never die. From her sundered organs grew more monsters to swallow those who killed her.

These demonic spawn fought for eons, tearing each other apart only to have those parts grow into new and more horrible monsters. One day two new creations of the Immortal Flesh were born, Archos and Nef. Archos and Nef saw the unending conflict and they knew sorrow. Archos and Nef saw the Immortal Flesh that made them and they knew magic.

With magic they slew the monsters around them for they were not warped beasts, they were mighty gods! From their enemies bones and flesh they formed others like themselves. These others also knew magic and swore allegiance to Archos and Nef, their creators. They sought to tame the beasts but they were blind and wild and would not be tamed. They could not see, they could not hear, they only wished to lash out at all around them. So the gods used their magic to sunder the demons but these monsters were also made of the Immortal Flesh that would not die and from their corpses more horrors would rise!

As the gods waged their divine war, Archos and Nef once again saw only unending conflict. Archos and Nef once again knew sorrow. As Archos and Nef once saw magic and knew it they now sought and end to the conflict so that they may know it.

From the husk of great Yuulaarryy, Archos separated the detritus from the immortal flesh and formed a great shell or molten iron. Archos poured the stone and rock into the bottom of this shell to form the earth. Nef separated the water and the air and filled in the cracks and crevices of the earth with oceans and rivers. She filled the rest of the shell with the winds to form the sky.

The other gods saw the creation of their masters and knew its glory! They named their master’s creation Yullaara and sought to protect it from unending war. Archos and Nef commanded their children to cast the demons into the pools of molten iron that formed the ceiling of the sky. These beasts burned a bright white and formed the first stars to shine in the night.

As the gods continued their war, Gog, the greatest of the beasts, grew angry and wild. Gog began to see but still did not know magic. Gog could only see hate and with his hate he began to guide his monstrous hordes towards the gods. Maantu, the pregnant beast, devoured the weak to nurture her young. She swelled large and attacked the gods first. She birthed writhing, wet horrors upon the gods but was bested and cast into the iron sea. She burned brighter than all other stars. Her great blue eye burst forth from the iron to watch for her master Gog. Her eye now formed the moon and as it open and shut so did the moon wax and wane.

Gog grew more furious at the defeat of Maantu and flames burst forth from his body. Gog attacked the gods and slew many of their number. Archos and Nef together fought for their children and together bested the mighty Gog. When they cast Gog’s flaming husk into the iron they waited until Maantu dipped below the horizon so that the demonic pair may never gaze upon each other again.

Gog’s flaming husk formed the sun and with it the first day shone upon the world. In the light formed by their master’s defeat the remaining beasts fled to the edges of the world. They fled to the east and west to greet their masters Gog and Maantu as they rose and sank beneath the horizon. The lands in the east collapsed inward and sucked in the ocean which boiled and formed the clouds that moved over Yullaara. This boiling land became known as the Abyss. In the west the land bulged forth from the sinking bodies of Gog and Maantu forming great volcanoes. This fiery land became known as Infernus.

With the war over, the gods wished to build a place for themselves in Yullaara but were weary from their eons of war. They took the torn bodies of their fallen number and used them to form the First People, the Proteans!

The Proteans, massive as mountains, were ordered to form the land into one continent and to build the great cities for the gods. after toiling for many years the Proteans grew to resent the gods. The demons of the stars whispered into their massive ears as they slept and made false promises that Gog would free them if only they would free Gog from his molten prison.

The Proteans rebelled against the gods. They knew the gods possessed magic but they saw their massive and powerful bodies as being greater than the gods. The gods, weary from so many years of battle, pleaded with their creations to cease their war. The Proteans mistook their pleas for weakness and pressed their assault.

Though weary, the gods power was none lesser and they tore the Proteans asunder. Blood spilt from the Proteans’ wounds sank into the earth and hardened to form blackened eggs. Over time these eggs hatched the first dragons into Yullaara.

The smallest and weakest of the Proteans escaped to their demon tempters to plea for help. The demons laughed and enslaved the giants to build their cities. The Proteans of Infernus were eventually consumed by the fires of that foul land and their flesh formed all of the devils of Hell. The Proteans that fled to the Abyss were twisted into the monstrous Titans and used to guard their shores.

From the sundered flesh of the Proteans the gods formed the Second People, the Seraphim to serve them. The gods took more care in their second creations and made them smaller and weaker than they. The second people became divine servants and each pledged their support to the gods. Those who pledged to the pantheons of Nef became known as the Nefil and those that pledged to the pantheons of Archos became known as the Archaeans.

The Archaeans and Nefil swirled the Wild Spirits, formed from the last breaths of dying demons and gods, into the earth and water and formed all life. Trees, fish and animals filled the world and the gods were pleased by their servant’s creations.

The Seraphim spread across Yullaara and built great temples for their divine masters. For a time there was peace but bickering between the Nefil and Archaeans started the rumblings of war. The Nefil favored the chaos of nature while the Archaeans favored order and law. Lesser godlings filled with jealousy of their greater peers stoked the discontent amongst their servants until the Divine War broke out between them!

Nef and Archos lamented the foolishness of their servants and sought to end the war. Archos, growing angry with his creations, split the great land into two, causing the great cataclysm! From Archos’s labor great volcanoes spit ash and fire over the earth. The cities and temples of the Seraphim were wiped from the earth or buried beneath ash and rock. When the cataclysm ended there were now two great continents, one of the South, Nefos, and one of the North, Archiope.

Nef moved her pantheons to the South and formed the great garden of Arborea near the southern edge of the world. Archos moved his followers to the North and ordered the Archaeans to construct the grand city of Elysium at the northern edge.

The land was left alone and life returned but the torn remains of the Nefil and Archaean lost to their war were made of the immortal flesh and could not die. From these remains sprang the Third People, the Elohim. The tribes that sprang forth on the northern continent worshipped Archos and his pantheons. They called themselves the Mercaedan. The tribes of the South likewise worshipped Nef and her pantheons and called themselves the Sylvin and Eyrie.

The Elohim were formed less nobly than the gods or the Seraphim. They were made of the Immortal Flesh but also of the detritus that formed the earth and the creatures that crawled across it. As such, like these creatures, they needed to eat and sleep. Like these creatures they also wished to multiply and raise their young. The Elohim were fruitful and filled the earth but in multiplying they divided the divine power of their Immortal Flesh across all of their progeny.

As their progeny grew in number they were sapped of life and grew weak and feeble until they were merely spirits haunting their descendants and eventually swept away by the call of the Wild Spirits. The Unending Decline, as it was called, plagued all of the Elohim and limited their numbers.

The Mercaedan of the North, following the ordered manner of their Lord, Archos, managed their ancestry to maintain their order. They sought a way to defeat the Unending Decline and used their own immortal flesh to form the Fourth People who they called the Maenus. The Maenus were made mortal and in their dying their Immortal Flesh could be spread indefinitely to all of their ancestors. Because of this the members of the fourth people spread over the earth and became the most numerous.

The races of the fourth people were crafted by the Mercaedans they served. The Dwarves were forged for mining in cramped caverns. The Halfling served the mercaedans in their homes. The Njordun were made as great hunters. Humans, the newest race, formed on their own, after the passing of their creators, as a mixing of all Maenus races. As such they are the most diverse of the Maenus and have spread the farthest.

Human kingdoms now rule most of the North but there remain many unexplored or forgotten places. Gods and monsters sit at the edges of the world and largely leave mortals the rest. Swirling above and below the jailed beasts of the stars stare down in jealousy and plot their revenge. They whisper their secrets amongst themselves and to their earthly servants. The heroes of Yullaara now guard against these horrors!

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