The city of Greylocke is located on an island in Greywater Lake in Meridia.


In the year 559 IT the Greywater Watch was formed to protect traders traveling through the Greywater Swamp from the monsters that lived in the multiple caves and hills in the area. The Watch was formed by the command of the Tyrranian emperor Haxus the Fifth and placed under the oversight of the merchant guilds that controlled trade thoughout Meridia.

Tacitus Vale became the Lord Commander of the Watch in the year 982 IT. By this time the empire had pulled out of Meridia. The merchant guilds kept supporting the Watch but had cut funding nearly in half from its highest point. A once glorious post was now reduced to a dumping ground of old soldiers and failed military commanders.

Tacitus had a poor military career and was never a great tactician but being the son of a merchant lord he was given a command position regardless. Although a poor military leader Tacitus was an impressive negotiator and diplomat. Tacitus formed pacts with the dwarves of the Old Peaks as well as the Timber Giants and High Elves to build a dam over the Broadrun River and flood out the monster filled caves and hills of the swamp.

By the year 1004 the dam was completed and worker settlements that sprung up around Greywater Keep were now recognized as the start of a new city. Tacitus became the first High Reeve and ruled over the city. As the city started charging its own tariffs over goods transported through it the merchant guilds of Caratacus grew angry and began threatening the city. Tacitus resolved the issue by inviting the most powerful lords to rule over the city with him. Now a portion of the tariffs collected were shared amongst the ruling lords.

Over its 400 year history the city has grown into the largest human settlement in the Meridian interior. Eventually the alliances formed between the merchant lords that originally ran the watch formed into the Lord’s Alliance.


The city is ruled over by an oligarchy of 10 nobles that form the Lord’s Council. Members of the council hold the title of Reeve and the leader of the council is the High Reeve. The Vale family has held the Reeveship over the city for its entire history. Most of the other council seats are also held by the families of the original members. The current High Reeve is Cathlin Vale.

Although the Council holds legislative power over the city most of the day to day dealings are managed by lesser bureaucrats and functionaries.

Many small towns, villages and farmsteads around the region fall under the rule of the city and protection by Greywater Watch.

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