World of Yullaara

Session 1 Recap

The Cragmaw Hideout

While sailing down the Hillrun River the group ran into trouble on the last morning of the trip when their river boat broke down. The group had to pull the boat upriver the rest of the way to the Tri-Pointe Trading Post. Waiting until morning the group rode out with their wagon of supplies on the Tri-Pointe Trail towards the frontier town of Phandalin.

The group stopped to investigate a pair of dead horses blocking the trail and discovered they belonged to Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter, the men who hired them! Immediately after this discover they were ambushed by Cragmaw goblins! After defeating the goblins and capturing one to interrogate, the group found the Cragmaw’s hideout. Before entering the cave, Seaben removed his “blindfold” to reveal to the group that he was not only not blind but also a half-elf!

After being spotted by a lookout the group had to survive a flood of water unleashed by the goblins in an attempt to drive them out. The group succeeded in holding their ground and defeated the goblins that had attacked them. Injured, tired and not knowing how many more goblins remain the Leather Daddies must quickly decide their next move!



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