Meridia is an area of the continent of Archiope bounded by the Meridian Mountains to the north, the Old Peaks Mountains along its south-eastern borders and the Tyrranian Sea on its western shore. It is dominated by the Broadrun and Blackglass rivers.

The ancient city of Caratacus is the largest human city in Meridia. Greylocke is the second largest city and is the gateway to the inner depths of the continent. Blackglass is one of the largest Dwarven cities on the continent.

Meridia is home to nearly all dwarves and gnomes in Yullaara. No halflings or Njordun communities are known outside of Meridia. The majority of elves outside of Nefos live in Meridia. Dragonborn are a rare sight in Meridia but there is a rather large community on the outskirts of Caratacus. Timber Giants are the only giant race found exclusively in Meridia and make up the largest race in the area. They harvest the great Ironwood trees which are only found in Meridia.


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