• Greylocke

    The city of Greylocke is located on an island in [[Greywater Lake | Greywater Lake]] in [[Meridia | Meridia]]. h3. History In the year 559 [[Iderrum Tyrraxus | IT]] the [[Greywater Watch | Greywater Watch]] was formed to protect traders traveling …

  • Proteans

    The First People created by the gods to form the world of [[Yullaara | Yullaara]]. They were a race of massive and powerful giants created from the remains of gods and monsters after [[Archos | Archos]] and [[Nef | Nef]] formed the world and ended their …

  • Seraphim

    Second People created from the bodies of the [[Proteans | Proteans]] destroyed during their rebellion against the gods. * [[Archaeans | Archaeans]] * [[Nefil | Nefil]]

  • Elohim

    Third people formed from the bodies of [[Seraphim | Seraphim]] lost in the [[Divine War | Divine War]]. * [[Eyrie | Eyrie]] * [[Mercaedan | Mercaedan]] * [[Sylvin | Sylvin]]

  • Maenus

    A mortal race created by the [[Mercaedan | Mercaedans]] to fight the [[Unending Decline]] experience by all those descended from the [[Elohim | Elohim]].

  • Unending Decline

    The [[Elohim | Elohim]] grew out of the [[Immortal Flesh | Immortal Flesh]] of the dead [[Seraphim | Seraphim]] lost during the [[Divine War | Divine War]]. They formed imperfectly among the detritus of the world and gained the needs of the beasts around …

  • Magic

    h3. Divine Magic h3. Arcane Magic h3. Druidic Magic

  • Gog

    Ancient King monster trapped in the molten sky to form the sun.

  • Maantu

    Ancient Queen Monster defeated by the gods and imprisoned in the sky as the moon.

  • Abyss

    Demonic realm on the eastern edge of [[Yullaara | Yullaara]]. The area is collapsed and the ocean pours in to form several smaller oceans that each pour into each other until hitting the molten rock below and forming massive clouds that blanket the area.

  • Infernus

    A volcanic realm to the West inhabited by demons and devils.

  • Titans

    [[Proteans | Proteans]] captured by the demons of the [[Abyss | Abyss]] and twisted into monstrous shapes and used to guard the realm.

  • Nefil

    [[Seraphim | Seraphim]] that serve the pantheons of [[Nef | Nef]]. The Nefil created the [[True Giants | giants]] when they interbred with [[Maenus | mortals]].

  • Nefos

    Southern continent of [[Yullaara | Yullaara]].

  • Elysium

    Home to [[Archos | Archos]] and the [[Archaeans | Archaeans]].

  • Middin

    The Middin are known to most as halflings and are a mortal race of the [[Maenus | Maenus]].

  • True Giants

    After the [[Mercaedan | Mercaedan]] created the first [[Maenus | mortals]] some 20,000 years ago their creations were visited by the [[Seraphim | Seraphim]] hosts of the gods [[Archos | Archos]] and [[Nef | Nef]]. The [[Archaeans | Archaeans]] approved …

  • Timber Giants

    A race of giants native to [[Meridia | Meridia]] that live in the deep [[Ironwood | Ironwood]] forests. They average 21 feet tall and between 10-12,000 pounds. *Size* Huge *Alignment* typically Neutral Good

  • Sylvin

    A race of the [[Elohim | Elohim]]. [[Elf | Elves]] and [[Drow]] descended from this race.

  • Eyrie

    A race of the [[Elohim | Elohim]]. [[Fey | Fey]] and [[Gnome | gnomes]] descended from this race.

  • Meridian Mountains

    A mountain range that forms the northern border of [[Meridia | Meridia]]. Many [[Dwarf | dwarven]] kingdoms and mines lie beneath their peaks. [[Cloud Giants]] and [[Frost Giants]] are often found here.

  • Cloud Giants

    a race of [[True Giants | giants]] that live above the clouds in mountaintop castles. They and the [[Storm Giants | Storm Giants]] are most closely related to the original giant race referred to as the Nefilim.

  • Blackglass

    Blackglass can refer to the castle and the city that surrounds it. It is a [[Dwarf | dwarven]] kingdom build inside a dead volcano. The castle is carved from obsidian. The dwarves mine precious gems and some metals.

  • Caratacus

    An ancient city first founded thousands of years ago by the first [[Tyrranian Empire]]. It lies at the mouth of the [[Broadrun River | Broadrun River]].

  • Tyrranian Empire

    An ancient [[Maenus | Maenus]] empire formed over 8000 years ago. It's capital is the city of [[Tyr]]. Originally ruled by [[Mercaedan | Mercaedan]] wizards, members of the [[Vitar]] race, who often claimed Mercaedan ancestors, eventually took over and …

  • Humans

    A mortal race of the [[Maenus | Maenus]] that formed by itself from the interbreeding of all maenus races brought about during the early conquests of the first [[Tyrranian Empire | Tyrranian Empire]].

  • Ibyrrian Islands

    A chain of islands formed in the [[Tyrranian Sea | Tyrranian Sea]]. It is home to the city of [[Tyr | Tyr]] the capital of the [[Tyrranian Empire | Tyrranian Empire]].

  • Tyr

    Capital city of the [[Tyrranian Empire | Tyrranian Empire]] located in the [[Ibyrrian Islands | Ibyrrian Islands ]].

  • Blackglass River

    A river that flows from the [[Old Peaks Mountains | Old Peaks Mountains]] into the [[Broadrun River | Broadrun River]].

  • Broadrun River

    A river that flows from northern [[Meridia | Meridia]] and into the [[Tyrranian Sea | Tyrranian Sea]]. All rivers in Meridia flow into Broadrun.

  • Mung

    Located on the eastern coast of [[Archiope | Archiope]]. It is home to the largest [[Humans | human]] population in [[Archiope | Archiope]].

  • Cthonic Mountains

    A massive mountain range that forms on the western half of [[Archiope | Archiope]]. It is home to many [[Dragons | dragons]] and [[Dragonborn | dragonborn]]. There are legends of massive giants much larger than all other known giants living in cities …

  • Cataclysm Cliffs

    Located on the southern edge of the [[Cthonic Mountains | Cthonic Mountains]], the cliffs were formed during [[The Great Cataclysm | The Great Cataclysm]]. The walls of these cliffs are over a mile high and form the edge of a series of massive plateaus.

  • Baelfel

    This sub-continent is found in the extreme northwest corner of [[Archiope | Archiope]]. No one knows what lies there. Most expeditions to the area have never returned. Massive mountains and a dangerous coastline have prevented all exploration of the …

  • Greywater Lake

    Greywater Lake is an artificial lake formed after building the [[Greywater Damn | Greywater Damn]]. The area used to be Greywater swamps but after the damn was built the area was flooded to form the lake. The city of [[Greylocke | Greylocke]] is on an …

  • Vitar

    An extinct [[Maenus | Maenus]] race that once made up the ruling class of the first [[Tyrranian Empire | Tyrranian Empire]]. They were tall and slender with green tinted skin, white or violet eyes, and black, straight hair. They claimed to have [[ …

  • Humo

    An extinct [[Maenus | Maenus]] race that made up the bulk of the population of the first [[Tyrranian Empire | Tyrranian Empire]]. They were tall with ruddy skin, blue or green eyes and curly blonde or red hair. Spread around the world during the empires …

  • Aesir

    An ancient house of the [[Mercaedan | Mercaedan]] most known for creating the [[Njordun | Njordun]] race.

  • Broadbridge

    Northern most bridge in [[Greylocke | Greylocke]]. About 450 feet long and 200 feet wide. [[File:636546 | class=media-item-align-center | Broadbridge.png]] # Guard Post # # [[Falia Forgehammer's Armor and Shields]] # # # # # Guard Post …

  • Longbridge

    Second northern most bridge in [[Greylocke | Greylocke]]. Over 1000 feet long and 120 feet wide.

  • Highbridge

    Second most southern bridge of [[Greylocke | Greylocke]] which sits just above the first of the main falls on the south-western edge of the city.

  • Lowbridge

    Most southern bridge in [[Greylocke | Greylocke]]. Sits just below the last of the falls on the southern edge of the city.

  • Portage Pointe

    A section of the city of [[Greylocke | Greylocke]] that sits outside its walls. A very poor and desolate area filled with crime and desperate people. Most boats south of the [[Greywater Damn | damn]] usually take port in [[Portstown]] but the docks of …

  • Portstown

    A small town that lies just south of [[Greylocke | Greylocke]]. Most ships south of the [[Greywater Damn | damn]] dock here.

  • Greywater Canal

    A canal to the East of [[Greylocke | Greylocke]] and [[Portstown | Portstown]]. Any ship looking to travel north of the [[Greywater Damn | damn]] must travel through this canal.

  • Stillwater Inn

    An inn located near the City Gate of [[Broadbridge | Broadbridge]] where the PCs start their adventure. The inn is run by a half-elf named [[:talia-grayfeather | Talia Grayfeather]]. Talia has a [[Njordun | Njordun]] partner named [[:mayra-stormchaser | …

  • Drow

    Dark [[Elf | Elves]] that live underground and in caves.

  • Storm Giants

    The largest race of [[True Giants | giants]]. They and the [[Cloud Giants | Cloud Giants]] are most closely related to the original giant race referred to as the Nefilim.

  • Fire Giants

    A race of [[True Giants | giants]] devoted to great craftsmanship, especially metalworking. Fire giants are some of the best military tacticians known.

  • Ogres

    Ogres were once greedy and cruel humans that were cursed so their bodies would reflect the ugliness of their hearts. The greedier they are the bigger they are and the meaner they are the uglier they become. Their faces become distorted versions of their …

  • Hill Giants

    The smallest race of [[True Giants | giant]], Hill Giants are not much more than stupid brutes. Many believe the Hill Giant is a cross between a giant and an [[Ogres | ogre]]. Others believe they are the descendants of giants exiled from their tribes …

  • Trolls

    Hideous monsters that shy away from the light of day, trolls, like most monsters, are thought to be the descendants of one of the beasts birthed by [[Maantu | Maantu]].

  • Greywater Watch

    The organization originally tasked with hunting monsters and protecting traders traveling though the old[[Greywater Lake | Greywater Swamp]]. It was formed in the year 559 [[Iderrum Tyrraxus | IT]] by the command of the [[Tyrranian Empire | Tyrranian]] …

  • Greywater Castle

    Castle built on the top of [[Greylocke | Greylocke]] Hill incorporating the grounds of the old [[Greywater Keep | Greywater Keep]]. The city government offices are located there. The [[:cathlin-vale | High Reeve]] and her family reside in the castle.

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