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  • Timber Giants

    A race of giants native to [[Meridia | Meridia]] that live in the deep [[Ironwood | Ironwood]] forests. They average 21 feet tall and between 10-12,000 pounds. *Size* Huge *Alignment* typically Neutral Good

  • Cathlin Vale

    Current High Reeve of [[Greylocke | Greylocke]]. *Born* 1374 [[Iderrum Tyrraxus | IT]] *Official Title* Lady Cathlin Vale, High Reeve of Greylocke

  • Talia Grayfeather

    Half-Elf owner of the Stillwater Inn along with her partner [[:mayra-stormchaser | Mayra Stormchaser]].

  • Mayra Stormchaser

    Co-owner of the Stillwater Inn with her partner [[:talia-grayfeather | Talia Grayfeather]].

  • Tad Tinkerbottom

    Tad works at the [[Stillwater Inn | Stillwater Inn]] for [[:talia-grayfeather | Talia Grayfeather]]. He helps out in the kitchen, cleans up the bar and keeps the place humming along.

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