World of Yullaara

Session 6 Recap

Victory over the Redbrands!

After exploring the Redbrand hideout the Leather Daddies discovered Glasstaff’s workshop. Unfortunately for them, Glasstaff’s rat familiar warned the tricky wizard who fled from his quarters through a secret door. After searching the wizard’s room the group found his hastily closed secret door that led back to the main cavern.

Upon hearing the wizard give orders to the nothic to attack them on site the Leather Daddies were able to cut off the wizard’s escape. The group learned that Glasstaff, the wizard leader of the Redbrands, was actually Iarno Albrek, the Lord’s Alliance wizard thought lost by Sildar Hallwinter! After defeating the turncoat wizard the vile nothic escaped to the ceiling of the cave.

The Leather Daddies then found the slave pens of the Redbrands and after defeating two ruffian guards were able to rescue the remain members of the poor Dendrar family. While escorting the family back to town the newly widowed Mirna Dendrar told the group the location of a valuable heirloom, an emerald necklace, lost in the town of Thundertree after it was invaded by undead.



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