World of Yullaara

Session 4 Recap

Spilling the Beans

After returning to Phandalin and informing Sister Garaele what they learned from the banshee Agatha she informed the group that she was a member of the Harpers. She offered the group the use of her Teleportation Circles to travel back to  Greylocke faster if the Leather Daddies would stop the threat of the Redbrands in town.

After defeating a four of the nefarious Redbrands at The Sleeping Giant, the Leather Daddies headed over towards Tresander Manor to investigate rumors of Redbrand activity. After finding the entrance to the cellar below and making their way into a cavern beyond, the Leather Daddies were confronted with their own secrets as they were stolen by a mischievous Nothic.

Seaben is a member of a secret Assassin’s Guild. The same guild whose members recently stole an artifact from Nimraleh!

Nimraleh abandoned her post guarding her temple which allowed the assassin’s entrance and resulted in the death of an old family friend!

The man who inducted Seaben into the Assassin’s Guild wore the same amulet that Nimraleh’s father wore. Was he her demon father in disguise? Lilphina could detect magic coming from the amulet but did not have the spell to discover it’s abilities.

The Nothic did not wish the fight the group and gave up the location of several bugbears that knew the location to Cragmaw Castle. The Leather Daddies pulled themselves together and prepared to assault the Cragmaw bugbears.



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