World of Yullaara

Session 0 Recap

The Leather Daddies are Born!

The group was hired by Gundren Rockseeker to travel to the Tri-Pointe Trading Post to transport supplies to the frontier town of Phandalin. After impressing Gundren, the dwarf sent them to meet his partner Sildar Hallwinter, a member of the Lord’s Alliance, to get his approval as well. The group met him at Greywater Keep and one of their number, Seaben, was asked to spar with a guard to prove his worth.

After swiftly defeating the guard Sildar agreed to hire the group for the job. The group was instructed to find Warryn Filtchbatter, a gnome who owned a steam-powered river boat, and convince him to take them up the river. Gundren and Sildar left the group in an airship to take care of other business before travelling to Phandalin themselves.

After some work the group was able to convince Warryn to take them up the river. While on the docks, travelling to Warryn’s boat, the group ran across a pair of bandits attacking a man. After the first bandit was killed by Bierdna Ursa and the second ran off their victim introduced himself as Ulfgar Longwood, an ex-adventurer who was trying to make a trip to Phandalin to find the remains of a sorcerer he used to adventure with. The group agreed to search for his old companion’s remains in return for 200 gp. The group was given a map to a tower that she and her new group was investigating when they disappeared.

After getting Warryn’s boat set up the group started sailing North towards Phandalin.



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